Commercial LED lighting solutions will save you money

Commercial LED lighting tends to run for more than 50,000 hours of usage — that’s seventeen years’ worth of 8-hour days, or almost six years of life if they’re left on all day and all night. Compare this to how often you have to change a regular incandescent or energy-saving bulb, and the financial and practical benefits are clear to see. In an office building, you’re likely to have associated maintenance costs, too. Imagine how much can be saved by not having to worry about changing lightbulbs.

Commercial Lighting

Our range of great quality commercial lighting offers a wide choice of economical, practical and functional fittings with low running costs. Each light fitting has been carefully selected to offer excellent value for money and with commercial lighting for every occasion you are sure to find lights that suit your requirements.


Here at Total Wholesale Supplies Ltd we have a wide choice of light fittings for all type of commercial premises and tasks within them:

  • Anti-glare fittings are perfect for offices and reception areas. 

  • If your premises has a high ceiling select from our high bay and low bay fittings, great for sports halls and warehouses. 

  • Modern ceiling lights add style to restaurants and hotels. 

  • Recessed fittings such as downlights are discreet and unobtrusive.


Energy Efficient Commercial Light Fittings

Low running costs are vital in all commercial settings, especially those with large numbers of lights. Our range of quality commercial lights uses long life and energy efficient light sources such as fluorescent tubes, metal halide lamps and low energy and LED bulbs to keep energy costs down.


Strong & Durable Fittings

All the lights in this range are made from hard-wearing materials that can easily withstand commercial applications, such as strong steel, durable polycarbonate and anti-corrosive aluminium. Toughened glass, strong diffusers and long-lasting finishes provide extra protection for your commercial light fittings.