Total Wholesale Supplies Ltd offer a professional lighting design and consulting service that is carefully considered to ensure the clients requirements are fully and satisfied whilst delivering savings and complying with the relevant regulations.


Our team are on hand to produce 3D visuals illustrating how our lighting can aesthetically take your projects to the highest level possible. Utilising the latest lighting software, we calculate lux levels achievable in each area of the scheme; represented both visually using pseudo colours, and in numerical formats. Additionally, as the application of lighting projects can differ so vastly from client to client, our visuals also display different light colours, luminous intensity and the colour rendering index in accordance with CIBSE guidelines and each clients individual preference.


We are involved with a comprehensive range of projects, including industrial lighting systems, commercial lighting systems and emergency lighting, working in a host of sectors such as, education, healthcare and residential. Supported by a long running technical knowledge in these domains, we are actively working to incorporate an extensive range of energy saving solutions into our projects, wherever possible.


Total Wholesale Supplies Ltd can help reduce the number of luminaires required therefore saving both costs and energy. With the appropriate controls in place surplus wasted light can be mitigated and delivered when and where it is needed by utilising intelligent lighting controls with time lapses, lux level and occupancy sensing. Additionally, we are able to carry out projected energy saving calculations as well as maintenance savings calculations, should they be required.